Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CN, IAIS, CRANDIC--8/7/2013

CN 5426(SD60) working the "A" Yard.

After minor damage repaired from the wrong-way Canadian Pacific hi-railer hit the 513 on Sunday in the Quad Cities, the power was out and running, leading the Cedar Rapids "Turn" southbound.
At Fairfax.

MP 10.

Coming by the former site of the Walford Lumber Co.

The crest of Walford Hill.

The bottom of Walford Hill....

......and entering the Amana Valley.

The Amana Depot.

Climbing up the west-leg of the wye at Yocum.

Back in Cedar Rapids for CRANDIC's Job 6 with the new 1500XD power....

CIC 201....

 ......and slugmate 301.

Working at 9th Street SW.

Shoving at Penford.

Light-powered, heading for lunch at the shops.

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