Sunday, June 26, 2011

Galesburg RxR Days-6/26/11

We get to Galesburg and a car show was being held.
How about a baby blue Mustang?

A Cobra...

....and my "dream" truck.

A magician doing some tricks at the RxR Days.

Bekah petting the rabbit at a Petting Zoo.

Isaac chasing a piglet.

"HEY!!!" is Bekah reaction.

Another train passing by.

"Oh No You Don't"!!! with food in hand, mind you.

Inside a steam engine on static display at the museum.

Bekah tooting for the right-of-way while Isaac looks on.

One of the cantilever signal bridges in town near the
BNSF Yard.

BNSF "Potash" train enters Galesburg on the Ottumwa

Closeup shot of the train.

M-O-W's truck

A CB&Q car on static display near the museum.

Bekah climbs the wall at the Discovery Depot Museum...

..and works the mail.

Isaac trying to get a shock at the Discovery Depot Museum.



...and even ME, taking a turn on the "conveyor belt" slide
at the Discovery Depot Museum.

A BNSF empty hopper train passes near the
Discovery Depot Museum.

See ya later!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Storage Shed damaged

Our next door neighbor "The Burleys" had some folks come to work on 
getting a tree off of their house which suffered some minor damage 
from the Severe Storms on Wednesday. Here is a view
of my storage shed as a limb is wedged.

Here is one of the fellows cutting into the tree to get
it off of my shed.

Couple views of the damage.

Looks like a new shed is in order. :(

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Aftermath of Severe Storms-6/9/11

Photos of the aftermath from 6/8/11 storms in our neighborhood.
We assumed the winds were topping out at nearly 80 mph when
these trees fell, thus the damage.

Ash tree broke at the bottom of the trunk in our backyard.

Panoramic view of the tree. The tree fell into our neighbors
backyard and landed on their wooden fence.

Another tree next to us did the same thing and the bark
peeled off of this one.

Another tree next door nearly took out the neighbor's
kitchen and patio area.....

which the 70-80mph winds yanked it up from the roots.