Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Celebrate @ New Covenant Bible Church

Fellowship time.

One of the three food lines.

Celebrate band.

Pastor Bob.

Pastor Bob(left) and Grace from Rwanda

Grace giving her testimony about coming to know Jesus.

Pastor Kim Pagel introducing the principal from Hiawatha Elementary School, Eric Christenson.

Panoramic view of the crowd.

Pastor Bob.

Ron Rohrssen giving testimony.

Pastor Mark Forstrom giving a testimony.

Amgad Zaghloul giving a testimony.

NCBC intern Haley Neiderhiser giving a testimony.

Eagle Watch 2013--Pt 5

Roller Dam area, Cedar River. Cedar Rapids, IA.

Iowa Interstate Sub 1

CBBI22 exits the BNSF Industrial track at 7th Street, E. Moline, IL.

More of the new grain hoppers that the IAIS purchased.

Pair of Caboose's are used for offices for the CP,  along the BNSF Industrial track in Moline, IL.

A Rock Island caboose in a park in Silvis.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Eagles, Swans and the LOW river

Some of those Trumpeter Swans
were still around, this time grazing in a cornfield near the river.

Bald Eagle looking for his next meal.

To show you how low the Cedar River is, take a look at the picture below. Can you see the "landing" just as the water comes over the dam? Yep that is LOW. That should not be seen.

Even the sandbars have appeared; those should not be seen either.
The continuing drought is the cause of the low river level.

More Bald Eagles sitting in the small island on the Cedar River.

Railroad: UP Clinton Sub

The salad train near Indian Creek Nature Center

The "Bird" near Bertram.

Q-Train near Bertram.

Eastbound coal train crossing the Cedar River near the dam.