Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eagle Watch 2013-Pt 13 and a White Goose

Today's catches along the Cedar River in SE Cedar Rapids.

(RxR)--CN, UP

CN 5706 working in "A" Yard.

A UP job from the North Yard working Cargill SE.

Westbound stack train at the Cedar River.

Eastbound coal loads at the Cedar River.

L563 crossing Boysen Rd, returning light.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Iowa Interstate-Walford to South Amana

Iowa Interstate's Cedar Rapids-South Amana "turn" at the top of Walford Hill.

Down the hill comes CRSA-20

....heading into the Amana valley.

CRSA-20 climbing the east wye at Yocum Connection....

....nearing the top and onto homerails with some bovines waiting on their next meal
from their "master"(to my right, on a tractor).

The "turn" backs toward the Dennis H. Miller Yard to tie down.

IAIS 502 idling(ES44AC).....

and IAIS 155(SD38-2).

A Sultran hopper.