Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

Start off a beautiful Sunday at church.

Acts of Worship.

Pastor Bob Westfall in the middle of the current series, REPRODUCIBLE.

After church and lunch, it is a family activity called "GeoCaching".

Wife: "Take the picture Buddy"!!!

Placing the piece of rolled paper back into the capsule for someone else to GeoCache.

Also gave me a great opportunity to catch some Fall colors.

Even the wife got my "best side".

And ended up at her mother's to tear out the carpet liner that got wet in the basement. Another piece of Fall in Iowa.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A little nature for a Sunday--9/22/13

Waning Moon.

Wasp on a plant.

Close up of Wasp.

Grasshopper while waiting on Iowa Interstate highwide move to come by.

Iowa Interstate Highwide move: Coralville-West Liberty

IAIS highwide move--Coralville

IAIS highwide move--crossing the Iowa River in Iowa City.

East of Iowa City

Downey, IA

West Liberty, IA

The highwide, a transformer going to the Louisa Generating Station in Muscatine, IA.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Harvest Moon 2013

The annual celestial sight was dubbed the "Harvest Moon" because its light allowed farmers in the Northern Hemisphere to harvest their crops for several hours more into the night, Farmers' Almanac notes.

And while the moon was creeping upward, a pair of planets in the southwestern sky were crawling downward toward the SW horizon. Venus(bottom left) and Saturn(upper right) are visible about an hour after sunset.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

M-BOBV17 at Beverly, IA

Great Blue Heron--9/17/13

Great Blue Heron out at Robbins Lake near Ellis Blvd NW.

CN, IAIS, UP--9/17/13

CN L563 with 5443 readies for departure to Manchester with the freight. The ballast cars on the head-end went to Dubuque for a derailment somewhere on the CN.

CRSA17 guns it uphill at Fairfax.

CRSA17(a.k.a. The Turn) passing the former Walford Lumber Co in Walford, IA.

Ascending the other side of Walford Hill.

Passing thru the countryside of Iowa County, IA.

CRSA Turn approaching MP 17.

CRSA17 passing the ex MILW depot at Amana.

Approaching MP 19.

At MP 19.

CRSA Turn taking the east leg of the Yocum Connection wye to reverse its train into the South Amana Yard. DPU and head-end power got cut off for servicing.

UP 5750 west at Beverly.

The daily M-BOBV(Boone, IA-Beverly, IA) heads into the north-side of Beverly Yard.

A very nice ACe on the point.