Thursday, August 22, 2013

CN, UP, CRANDIC-8/22/13

CN SD60 5426 leads 22 cars out of town on L563.

CN 5426 throttles up out of the downtown area....

....and smokes it up at McLoud Place.

UP 4070 east near Otis, IA.

UP 5902 east slowly passes by at J Street SW as he nears the Brandt Tie Gang on #2.

The UP-Brandt Tie Train passing under the Bowling Street SW overpass.... another UP coal drag passes the gang.

CRANDIC Job 13 starts its day with towing NS coal empties to the IAIS interchange tracks(950-952), entering Zone 6.

One of a few NS TOP GON hoppers in the train.

Job 6(Penford Job) heads to the shop tracks for a tie-down for lunch after working Penford, towing back with 13 cars.

UP Test Weight car on the North Yard Transfer.

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