Wednesday, May 26, 2021

More new AC44CWM’s and some GTW’s

CP 8204 South-474-Fredonia, IA

CP 8207, newly activated rebuilt AC44CWM-4th out on train 475-Muscatine, IA

CP 8210-another activated AC44CWM as MidDPU on train 475-Muscatine, IA

CN M338 waiting for the bridge to close as CP 813 rolls by at Dubuque Jct in Dubuque.

CP 5041(SD30C-ECO) Northbound on B39-Dubuque, IA

GTW 5856, 4914 West-L565-Peosta, IA


Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Another AC44CWM’s First Revenue Pull

CP 8WOT with SD60-3 6304

KCS 4810 trailing on 474.

SOO 4448 working on 472’s cut at Nahant Yard.

CP 8170’s first revenue pull on 475 at Pleasant Valley, IA.