Monday, October 27, 2014

My RxR catches--10/27/2014

CRANDIC's mother/slug set-132/126 working at Quaker Oats as their leased switcher.

L563 working "A" Yard.

GATX "smurf" working on Job 32.....

.....along with SD40-2 3071.

CRSA-27 at the depot in Amana.

MP 19.

Tied down at South Amana Yard.

C40-8W NS 8438

Back in Cedar Rapids....

L563 idles before gathering its cars for the trip northbound.

L563 northbound with 50 empty grain hoppers.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Foilage 2014--Fairfax & Amana

Line of trees east of Fairfax.

Red foilage to go along with the red farm equipment; east of Fairfax.

NS Power on CR Turn

Iowa Interstate CRSA-20--a.k.a. Cedar Rapids Turn--southbound on the CRANDIC Amana Main(IAIS CR Sub).


NS power trailing.

Walford, IA

South of Walford, IA

Yocum Connection

ES40DC NS 7627 

C40-8W NS 8338(ex Conrail)

Ex-Milwaukee Rd

Ex-Chicago and NorthWestern

Ex Rock Island. You can barely make out the big R on the right. 

Video of today's train.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Manhattan Park Birds

Cormorants at Manhattan Park in Cedar Rapids, IA. They are migrating south for the winter.

Male Mallard Duck out for a swim.

Cormorants are fish hunters. They will dive and swim underwater for about half a minute searching for food.

After their swim, Cormorants will head to a tree to dry off their body, especially their wings before heading back to the water to hunt for more fish.