Thursday, July 28, 2016

Newton Sub highlights and NS power

New hoppers on the siding at Kellogg, Iowa

The seven or so passenger cars from Texas arrived at Newton. They have RRDX reporting marks for the parent company of the IAIS-Railroad Development Corp.

Sometimes you get bored waiting for a specific train to roll east. So I took a pic of the Colfax station sign. By the way, the NS loaded grain train was who I was waiting for. By the time I got back to South Amana, the train was departing Des Moines. Tried to wait west of Victor but the sun was nearing setting and I gave up and went home.

I did get my wish for a SD60E-6981, though it was in South Amana Yard.

The 6981 plus this unit 2643 was put on the westbound train BICB27 to head to either Newton or Des Moines.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Iowa Northern Director's Special

 Iowa Northern ran a Director's Special from Cedar Falls down to Cedar Rapids, then back north.
Video and iPhone stills from the Special.

42nd St NE-Cedar Rapids, IA near Linn Jct.

Vinton, IA(iPhone) by the Rock Island depot.

Vinton, IA by the Rock Island depot.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

NS 7258 East-SD70ACu

NS SD70ACu 7258, C44-9W 9396, C40-9 8886 and 85 loaded grain cars
roll by County Line Rd(Johnson/Iowa).

History of tracks

115# tracks along the former Rock Island Blue Island to Council Bluffs main dates back to 1955. 
Talk about a piece of history.
Taken July 9, 2016-Tiffin, Iowa.

Stormy weather

Sunday morning, a line of strong thunderstorms were moving southeast towards our area but they weakened as they moved in to our area due to the cloud cover that stabilize the air out ahead.

Couple of photos of when the wind front was moving in.
Taken at New Covenant Bible Church north parking lot.
July 10, 2016.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

NS 6930(SD60E)-XSACR03

Full view of the XSACR03 descending down toward Walford, IA with 43 empty cars, NS 6930(SD60E) and NS 7608(ES44AC) on the point.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Cones and Berries

While waiting on the balloons to get glowing at Brucemore's Balloon Glow,
took some photos of pine cones and a group of berries.