Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lake Kegonsa 8-31-2014

Wisconsin Weekend--Pt 4

Couple photos from my daughter of the birdies.

"Sailing....Takes Me Away"-Christopher Cross


Pontooning the lake.

How about some quackers?

Couple blooms in the yard.

Neighbor's dog.

Wisconsin Weekend--Pt 3-WSOR

Made a dash out to the Wisconsin and Southern tracks after hearing it coming by the lake.
And just in time, the northbound WSOR train with 4001 on the point....

.....couple leasors in the consist--WAMX 3947

.....and WAMX 3928

with WSOR 4079 trailing--Deer Creek Rd.

Some ex-Rio Grande hoppers in the train too.

WSOR train at McFarland, WI south of Madison.

Wisconsin Weekend--Pt 2-Morning Edition

Mama Duck and her ducklings.

Silhouetting Hummingbird.

Canoeing on a beautiful morning.

Another silhouetting hummingbird.

More Canoeing.

Mourning Dove.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Video: Roasting Marshmallows

Videos: Hummingbirds, Swimming & R-C Ride

Wisconsin Weekend-Pt 1

Birds grabbing some seeds from the window feeder at Bill's house.

Hummingbird sitting on a limb.


.....and parasailing(right) on the Lake.

Parasailing, pontooning and sailing.


Hummingbird grabbing some Nectar.

Sun's rays pierce the sky near sunset.

Crescent moon dons the evening dusk.

Sunset on Lake Kegonsa, ending a nice day.

Monday, August 25, 2014

(RxR)A stormy trackside outing-8/25/14

CN's L563 works the yard while a Thunderstorm passes by to the north.

Video--UP 7480 West

UP Beverly Yard Job 32 shoves a string of cars to the CRANDIC Connection on #2 track while a Thunderstorm closes in.

Iowa Interstate train G-SACR25 coming in to Walford, IA with 49 grain hoppers for the CRANDIC. 

G-SACR25 at Fairfax. The train would depart a short time later southbound light-powered.

Video of IAIS G-SACR25