Sunday, July 28, 2013

RxR--BNSF, CP & a transfer caboose

Ex C&NW transfer caboose, now being used by the M of W's for maintenance.

GP38-2 CP 4521.....

.....and GP40 4601 being used in Clinton, IA.

CP 4620(GP40).......

and CP 2221(GP20C-ECO) being used for local power in Savanna, IL.

Cab shot.

Nose shot. 

Train 273 working the Savanna Yard on the CP Chicago Sub.

Sunny-side view of snoot-nose GP20C-ECO 2221.

BNSF grain train at Savanna, IL.

A very noisy diamond at Savanna, IL--

Train 470 with a visitor from the east. CSX 8196 with the "boxcar" logo. 

Train 470 at Wacker Rd--Savanna, IL......

....with the CSX boxcar logo loco. 

Searchlight signals protecting the diamond on the CP at Savanna, IL.

Westbound Z in Savanna, IL.

Westbound merchandise in Savanna, IL

Eastbound stack train......

....with a bona-fide Warbonnet trailing in Savanna, IL.

Searchlight signals protecting the diamond on the BNSF. 

Couple more from the CP--
Train 273 at Clinton, IA.

Train 273 crossing over from the River Sub to the Davenport Sub via 5th Street on the UP.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Isaac at Webelo Camp

Our tent, a hikers tent.

Gray Catbird.

Mushrooms on a tree.



Isaac ate the first nite's dinner. After that, he didn't. Imagine that.

Campfire view.


During the "Waterfront" sessions the adults got to hang out and had a "beach party" on the banks of the Wapsipinicon. I seen this turtle soaking up some summer sun.


Since the theme this year was a CSI-themed camp, Isaac got to make a Test Tube out of beads.

Heading for a swim, saw this storm cloud in the distance.

Due to Isaac's "phobia" of Spiders-and there were plenty of them-we went home a day early.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Railfanning Galesburg area-7/23/13


.....met an eastbound on the Chillicothe Sub.

Trio of Green BN's coming off the Barstow with freight at Peck Park.

NS run-thru merchandise train heading for the Barstow Sub passing Peck Park.

NS run-thru passing Henderson.

 Yard crew shoving some freight back into Galesburg Yard, using the Mendota Sub for headroom.

Eastbound coal drag led by BNSF 9155(SD70ACe).

90% of the signals in Galesburg are hooded. Only 10% of searchlights remain, like this dwarf, guarding the south leg of CP Knox.

Another view. There is another dwarf to the left(not pictured).

A cantilever signal at CP Knox.

One of the many Amtrak trains that run thru Galesburg came thru. This one in particular had a "sweet" ending.

A Frisco Pullman car was tagging along for the ride, as the train was passing by CP Academy.

Got to Fremont Street to get the northbound(railroad west) Oil train on the Barstow, when I stumbled on the eastbound oil train with a Warbonnet on the point. The eastbound waits......

....for the westbound to pass by.

Nose to nose; on opposite tracks.

He gets permission to come around to head to Galesburg yard.

Eastbound stacker on the Chillicothe Sub passes by while the oil-can train passes behind me.

With a lull in the action, I venture over to the County Rd 25 overpass to look at the yard. A Radio-Controlled Geep works the yard.

Galesburg Yard looking south....

....and north.

Another oil-can train coming from the Barstow Sub.

A trio of Geeps haul a short merchandise train to Galesburg Yard on the Mendota Sub.

Stack train eastbound on the Chillicothe.

A short merchandise train led by a 4-axle Warbonnet on the Chillicothe Sub.

Westbound baretable train passing under the Mendota and Barstow Subs. Eventually, this train would make a turn around the Cameron loop-tracks to head east on the Mendota Sub.

Westbound Amtrak at Peck Park.

Eastbound NS run-thru train at Peck Park. This train also took the loop from Galesburg Yard to the Chillicothe Sub.

Eastbound stack at Peck Park.

Westbound stack at Peck Park.

Another Amtrak.

Westbound Z train at Peck Park.

UP run-thru stack train on the Chillicothe Sub coming into Galesburg.

The Mendota started to come to life in the evening beginning with a soon-to-be stopping westbound coal train-presumbably for the Ottumwa Sub-at the east end of "A" Plant.

Another oil-can train comes off the Barstow Sub from North Dakota.

Moments later, an eastbound NS-led grain train passes by Peck Park.

Another oil-can train heading for North Dakota as it enters the Barstow Sub from the Mendota Sub.

That coal drag finally gets a light to proceed to the Ottumwa Sub.

At sunset, another oil-can train comes off the Barstow to head to Galesburg Yard.

And the last shot before heading home was this CN-powered merchandise train on the Mendota Sub.

Galesburg did not disappoint me at all. A great place to come and railfan and hitch a ride on Amtrak. Will be back in the future. Thank you Galesburg, Illinois!!!