Monday, September 29, 2014

Colors, fields and birds

The Iowa River at Amana showing a bit of color.

Soybean field near General Mills in SW Cedar Rapids, ready for harvest.

The colors on Maple's are changing.

Ash trees too.

The Ellis Bald Eagles perched high in a dead tree.

The migration of the Cormorants hanging around the Cedar River near the Time Check area.

A Blue Heron out for a hunt.

More colors in Bowman Woods.

Trackside Variety-9/29/2014

Iowa Interstate's Cedar Rapids Turn at Fairfax. 
506 on the point with a SD38-2 and another GEVO and 112 cars.

Passing Fairfax.

MP 10.3

At the bottom of Walford Hill and by the cornfield; ready for harvest.

MP 19, passing the distant watertower of Amana.

Temporary signage at the W.W.S(west wye switch) Yocum Connection.

Climbing the steep grade of the west leg of Yocum.

Ex Farmland hoppers.

Ex C&NW(Employee-Owned logo)

IAIS 4042

On the House track are a pair of NS GE's. C44-9W 9257.......

and C40-9 8803.

 An old UP workhorse(6891) leads a loaded westbound autorack train thru Beverly.

Job 32 pulls 27 cars across the plant of CPA086. It would shove back to the yard.

UP 3905 east-mixed freight.

UP 8326 west-autoracks

CIC 131/124-light power to the "N" tracks. 

UP 7090 west-ethanol. They had radio troubles and stopped at Beverly to resolve the issue.

C44-9W NS 9946 in the consist.

Global Ethanol company(TILX)

One of the two rear buffers with a pretty intact MOPAC logo. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Louisianna Trip-Pt 2

Local band playing in Jackson Square

Louisianna trip-Pt 1


Wrong turn?

Been by Holland.

Yep, Jericho.

Jackson's Monument?


Old Telephone

Singer sewing machine bottom.

Crossing Lake Ponchatrain

New Orleans skyline through the haze.

Some scenes from New Orleans.

Inside the Cathedral of St. Louis King of France.

Bekah lighting some candles.


Loyola University

Mardi Gras beads in a tree.

Even caught a crude oil train near downtown.


Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

NS freight train over I-10.