Monday, September 7, 2009

Before departure & On-The-Road-Home pics

Before departing:
A Downey Woodpecker helps itself to a feeder
that Bill and Connie set up.

This by far is my best shot of the hummingbird 
that comes around to feed off the nectar feeder.

On-The-Road-Home photos:
Field of soybeans turning colors and corn on top
of a Wisconsin hill.

Farm in the rolling hills of SW Wisconsin.

The haybarn once again on the way back this time going

After passing Dubuque, we pass another scenic farm
close to Cascade, IA.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A BIG Bird, lake sunset

A BIG bird. A crane?

 Sun setting in the clouds on the horizon @ Lake Kegonsa.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

On-The-Road Pics, Boat Troubles at lake--September 4th

Sacred Heart Church-Fillmore, Iowa
Yard crew working the CN Yard in Dubuque, IA

 Ex GTW unit sitting in the "house" track in the Dubuque CN Yard.
Hay barn southwest of Mineral Point, WI.
An equestrian stable near Mt. Horeb, WI.
 When we arrived at Lake Kegonsa, Bill and Big Papa(Ron Hagen)
were having a bit of boat trouble.
Bill became the boat motor while Ron rides in luxury.

Click here for video of Bill walking in his boat on Lake Kegonsa.
Listen for Julie's comment about "quiet motor".

Friday, September 4, 2009

Indian Creek flooding

Some photos from the recent flooding of Indian Creek
in Marion, IA from August 27, 2009.
Look toward town on Central Ave.

A field on the westside of Central Ave flooded.

Geode Street was closed.
Lininger Park was flooded next to Indian Creek.

Trains, State Fair, Zoo

IAIS GP38-2 711 works the #2 track, getting ready to head eastbound, while an eastbound merchandise train waits for a crew.
September 2, 2009-Iowa City, IA.

 On our way to Des Moines, seen this sign. 
Yes there is such a place called "What Cheer" in Iowa.
Iowa State Fair Aug 14, 2009
State Fair Logo for 2009.
The Capital Building in downtown Des Moines, IA

It's several "Great" pumpkins.
Isaac watching the chicks.
The kids riding some John Deere.
Blair Park Zoo, Aug 15, 2009
 The next day was the Blair Park Zoo just south of Des Moines. 
A Gecko sitting on bambo.
One of the many species of birds in the zoo.
Blue fish.
Sea Otters
Peacock watching over the turtles.
All different forms of fish on a feeding frenzy after throwing
feed into the water.
Couple Giraffe's necking
An American symbol, the Bald Eagle.
Lioness perched on a rock.
Kids watching some baboons.
Another species of bird.....
....and another.
Bass Pro Shops east of Des Moines in the suburb of 
Altoona, IA.