Monday, May 18, 2015

CRSA-18, L563-18

CIC 204/304(Job 4) shoving hoppers down to the "N" tracks.

CRSA18 prepping for departure.

CRSA18 cresting the hill south of Walford, IA

 MP 15 north of East Amana.

Highlights from the NS units on CRSA18--

CN L563-18--

Monday, May 11, 2015

516 on the Turn

Northbound CRSA-11 cresting the hill south of Walford, IA

30th Anniversary unit 516 is third in consist.

Conductor view at Fairfax.

On the point of the CRSA-11 during its air test. 510 was coupled to the train on the main after the train pulled out of track 951.

CRSA-11 at Walford, IA

Coming thru the fields near East Amana.

Up the east leg of Yocum Connection at South Amana.

Shoving its train into yard track #1.

509(left) and 516 cut off from the train to be fueled.