Sunday, July 29, 2012

Along the way--7/29/12

Some photos today "Along the way".

One of the benches the Boy Scouts made, sitting along the new trail at New Covenant Bible Church.

The Hibiscus are in bloom on the Boysen Trail.

Indian Creek running a bit low this summer.


Deer grazing in someone's backyard.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cub Scout Camp 2012

Which way do I go??

The TSA and Trading Post

The Blankenship Medical Center

Allin B. Dakin Dining Hall

From right to left--State flag of Iowa, US Flag, Korean Flag.
There was a Korean female who has joined the staff and is a Scout.
Also flags were at half-staff in memory of the Colorado shooting victims, 
as ordered by President Obama.

Safety instructions on various plants and animals to avoid.

Signage to the Weather Rock. Love the last one!!!

The HHCSR Weather Rock.
The HHCSR or Howard H. Cherry Scout Reservation is located just east of Central City, IA.

A nice way to cool off on a hot day. Two were on loan from a company in Cedar Rapids.

Den's 3 & 4 meeting with the camp leaders--Den 3, Liz.
Den 4, Andy.

Our tent on loan from Brett and Debbie Mason.

A Katydid?

Liz, our Den leader, helping with making a banner for the "Blue Lightning Bolts", the Den name.

The Blue Lightning Bolts line up.

This is the words for the Reservation Song, which we sang during dinner.

Good idea for chairs--tennis balls.

Me with the shirt for our camp.

For respect.

Entering the time called "campfire".


Scouts throwing in old ashes that they had from last years campfire.

Video of a song called "The Campfire Song".

Skit put on by the staff called "Give Me The Honey". One staffer pretends to be a flower while the other is the bee.

Staff sings a closing song on Day 1.

Isaac inside the tent.

Tree frog in our sink at the latrine.

Its original color is grey but when it is out and moving, it turns green.

Dawn breaks on Day 2.

Some lovely flowers in bloom.

Isaac helping with the raising of the flags on Day 2.

Isaac unfurling the US Flag.

A Wild flower in bloom.

Went to the Ecology section of camp to learn about different species of animals.
Isaac drawing a Muddobber.

One of the turtles on display.

The finished drawing.

On to the BB Gun range to shoot some BB's.

Isaac cocking the rifle.

His results. Almost got a bullseye!!!

Storm shelter on campus. There are 4 currently but plans are to install 3 more at Wakonda campsite and 2 more at Waubeek campsite.

Isaac helping with Waiter duties at lunch on Day 2.

Onto the bouldering. This one is used by the older Scouts and is about 6 stories high.

Isaac got to try to climb on the smaller one. Did a good job!!!

After swimming, went to Handicraft and he made a bird feeder from a plastic water bottle.

These are hanging all over camp. They use the Buddy system.

Beautiful butterfly near the Trading Post on the driveway.

Our Den's skit--The Firing Squad.

Closing out Day 2 at Campfire with another song. My dear friends, Debbie Mason and son Jonas(middle) are on staff during camp.

Isaac wanted to come home early to be with Mama. So we left after sunset, but had a great experience at Cub Scout camp. Hope to do it again in the future.