Tuesday, October 29, 2013

IAIS, UP, CN-10/29/13

Cedar Rapids "turn", led by ES44AC 507, 500 with 502 on the rear, ascends the east wye at Yocum Connection.

With headroom to Homestead, the "turn" slowly passes thru Homestead.

A quartet of power sit in the "house" track.
Left to right--SD38-2 150, GP38-2 705, 708, SD38-2 156. 

IAIS 156 

IAIS 708--Unit would be used for the South Amana Switcher(South Amana-Wilton)

UP 4401 east with an empty rack train. The train would come to a stop for a brief moment due to an "Approach Medium" indication at CPA 090.

Eastbound rack train resumes travel, coming into Beverly, heading to Clinton.

CN 8938(SD70M-2) and 32 cars northbound at McLoud Place.

Fall Foilage, Eagles

Took this scene on a hill facing toward East Amana, IA. Some fall colors blended in.

This looks like a scene from out of a forest. Actually it is near the Cedar River on River Road SE.

River Rd SE.

One of two Juvenile Eagles seen today.

The Bald Eagle pair out on the NW side of town on the Cedar River.

More Fall colors. Time Check neighborhood.

Hillside on the Cedar River.

The second of the Juvenile Eagles perched up in a tree on Otis Rd SE.

Wrapping up with some Fall hues of a bush on Devonshire Dr NE.

Contrast of two hues.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

UP 1995--10/23/13

I was out at Bertram doing some Fall Foilage photography when I heard a westbound approaching.
Took a shot and this was what I got. Boy was I surprised.

Immediately, I called Alex Jordan and he told me that it was lined to Fairfax to meet an eastbound due to #2 track was being worked on. So I made a trip to Fairfax to hopefully catch it leaving.
Alex Jordan joined me too at Fairfax and here is my result.

Westbound crossing over at CPA 090 after meeting the eastbound "bird" train.

Focal B&W version of above photo.

The DPU.

A big THANK YOU to Alex Jordan and his ATCS Monitor for info.

Birds, things and more Fall Foilage

Lettering bolted into the sidewalk across from the YMCA in downtown Cedar Rapids.

Fall Foilage 2013-Cedar Rapids
Maples in the Permit Parking area near the new courthouse.

Kingfisher on the hunt at Prairie Park Fishery. 

The Fishery and the Cedar River with some Fall colors.

Fall Foilage 2013-Bertram


Pair of Bald Eagles across from the Time Check area.

The migration of the Cormorant's along the Cedar River in NW Cedar Rapids.