Monday, June 8, 2009


6/7/09: A Chipmunk resting on the back post of our patio.

6/8/09: Deer near a creek on Boysen Road NE.

6/8/09: Deer near a creek on Boysen Road NE.

April 2009: Cedar Rapids skyline

April 2009: Quilted patterns on some barns-Southeast of Cedar Rapids, IA

April 2009: Spring Robin-Wilton, IA

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The CRANDIC Route, Rebuild Project

The start of the Rebuild was in January with the
drilling of the four columns that will house the steel-enforced
horizontal supports for the trestle.
2/19/2009: Forwarding to where the first of several column supports
were going up. Steel-enforced concrete was to be poured.

2/19/2009: Wide view of the Rebuild

3/18/2009: The first column complete, the next two steel-enforced supports up
and/or poured and the fourth set in the process of being installed.
4/22/2009: [a]An old rock foundation from the original trestle
still stands. This will be steel-enforce covered(see 5/19/2009 letter [a]).

4/22/2009: [b]The column supports completed and installation of the
steel truss which will house the mainline is installed but work on
the westside is where the focus will now be.
5/19/2009: [a]The newly-poured west-side foundation for the new trestle
still in its molding.

5/19/2009: [b]Later that afternoon, the molding comes off and the newly
"renovated" west-side steel-enforced wall is shown. Remember the
rock wall(see "4/22/2009" pic [a]) earlier in this
gallery, well this is it now.

5/19/2009: [c]

5/19/2009: [d]

UPDATE: The bridge is complete and is now open.