Sunday, July 28, 2013

RxR--BNSF, CP & a transfer caboose

Ex C&NW transfer caboose, now being used by the M of W's for maintenance.

GP38-2 CP 4521.....

.....and GP40 4601 being used in Clinton, IA.

CP 4620(GP40).......

and CP 2221(GP20C-ECO) being used for local power in Savanna, IL.

Cab shot.

Nose shot. 

Train 273 working the Savanna Yard on the CP Chicago Sub.

Sunny-side view of snoot-nose GP20C-ECO 2221.

BNSF grain train at Savanna, IL.

A very noisy diamond at Savanna, IL--

Train 470 with a visitor from the east. CSX 8196 with the "boxcar" logo. 

Train 470 at Wacker Rd--Savanna, IL......

....with the CSX boxcar logo loco. 

Searchlight signals protecting the diamond on the CP at Savanna, IL.

Westbound Z in Savanna, IL.

Westbound merchandise in Savanna, IL

Eastbound stack train......

....with a bona-fide Warbonnet trailing in Savanna, IL.

Searchlight signals protecting the diamond on the BNSF. 

Couple more from the CP--
Train 273 at Clinton, IA.

Train 273 crossing over from the River Sub to the Davenport Sub via 5th Street on the UP.

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