Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A busy day on the rails--8/27/13

CRANDIC Job 4 heads to the CN for interchange.
Job 4 returns from interchange with the CN, southbound on the Penford Main.

With Job 4 cleared, Iowa Northern's South Job heads north on the Penford Main. It was so hot the crew had to have some air.

Heard a warrant for this guy. Not knowing that it was the Hawkeye Express on a deadhead move. The IAIS crew took the train to Coralville. The train is stopped while the crew gets some water and a bite at Guppys on The Go in Walford.

Express at Walford Hill. 461 on the point.......

.......678 on the rear.

Ascending Walford Hill.

Mackinaw car.....

....and UIHC paint scheme on the middle cars.

At the Amana's.

Mackinaw car.

One of the UIHC painted cars.

Up the east wye @ Yocum.

The other side of IANR 7750 has this scheme on it.


Took it for the heck of it.

Coming to Vernon.
Readying to back up in to the Vernon Spur.

IANR 678 in Rock Island livery.

CN 5443[L563] with 27 cars passing by Hiawatha, IA.

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