Friday, May 31, 2013

CN, UP, IAIS--5/31/13

CN L563 led by 5642 and two dozen cars at Hiawatha, IA.

Eastbound "Bird" train at MP 86 with Job 32 and 80 flats wait.

Eastbound coal drag at MP 86.

 HERZOG train gets the green to go west toward its destination-the SPINE line.

Eastbound "Q" at MP 86.

The Afternoon "turn" exiting CIC track 903 with 38 cars, 719, 503, 506.

Flood of 2013

Some photos from today's outing of the Flood of 2013 around Cedar Rapids, IA. 5/31/13.
One of the water pumps for the wells submerged.

The west-side of Edgewood Rd NW bridge.

The river nearing the Iowa Northern mainline.

West side of Edgewood Rd NW under water. Also the Ellis Gardens was partially submerged ruining the year's crops for those who had lots.

Manhattan Park. 

Sign tells it all. 

Manhattan shelterhouse.

Ellis Harbor.

One of the manhole plugs with a pump to siphon the water back to the river in the Timecheck neighborhood.

1st Ave bridge.

West side of Mays Island.

On the east side of Mays Island was this guage. It was at 17ft this morning(10am), 5 feet above flood stage.

East side of Mays Island.

I-380 road bridge and lock.

Penford Bridge.

Cargill SE working on damming the east side of the plant.

Otis Rd SE looking south.

Otis Rd SE looking north.

Otis Rd SE at the Union Pacific tracks near Indian Creek.

A westbound train passing by the swollen Cedar River.

Found a big ole Turkey grazing while out photographing trains and flooding.

Farm field near Prairie Creek @ Beverly, IA flooded and occupied by Geese, Ducks and a couple Herrings.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Out and About--5/22/2013

Indian Creek from the Boysen Trail.

Indian Creek runs under the former Milwaukee trestle and the 8th Ave bridge.

Mallard takes a swim.

A small dam at the location where Indian Creek and Dry Run Creek merge.

Turtles being lazy on Robbins Lake.

Belted Kingfisher.

Even a Mallard joins the turtles for a bit for some rest.