Monday, July 1, 2013

On The Road: Rochelle, IL

Before heading into Illinois, a couple stops.
The Wapsipinicon River near Calamus, IA

A house surrounded.

Westbound rack train entering Clinton at 5th Street.

ATSF 611 on the point of a Z train.

The last quarter moon over some telegraph lines.

Another "Z" train crosses the diamonds.

and passing under the NX Crossing signals.

Eastbound coal drag.

Some oil cans.

Eastbound "Q" train.

Riding solo on a rack train

with a westbound stack heading into G3.

An ACe in the hole with an oil can train.

Jamison Bents, Alex Jordan and Evan Acker watch a westbound roll by.

Westbound coal drag.

Some soon-to-be bygones of signal indications. They may not be around next year.

Westbound coalie.

Some parajumpers fly over our heads heading for the airport.

Eastbound coal drag.

Another one-unit wonder with some racks.

Cream with green power with more oil cans.

Westbound "Z" train.
 Eastbound "Bird"...

 meets Westbound "Bird" train.

Westbound Z. 


Stacks heading for G3.

My kind of weather vane.

Got my wish today. Some NS power.

Eastbound merchandise.

Searchlight signal....

Soon to be replaced by the Vader "hoods".

Westbound Coal drag. 

Eastbound coal drag.

Westbound grain train.

Eastbound coal drag.

A railfan's dream Lodge.

Short stack from G3.

The race is on.

44-toner on static display at the park. 

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