Thursday, September 12, 2013

Union Pacific--Beverly to Watkins, IA

UP 7246 west-coal-Beverly

UP 5856 east-coal-Beverly

UP 6784 east-grain-Beverly

UP 5984 west-coal-Beverly

........and UP 5750 west-coal-Beverly. These two would get held up for traffic at Watkins.

Eastbound "Bird" train at MP 95, east of Norway, IA.

UP 4765 east-ballast and machine-Norway, IA.

Another ballast machine halfway in the consist.

UP 8334 east-possibly MNPPR-Watkins, IA.

UP 5984 west-coal-Watkins, IA.

UP 5739 east-daily MBOBV(Boone, IA-Beverly, IA[Cedar Rapids])freight-Watkins, IA

Westbound "Salad Shooter" at Norway, IA.

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