Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CN, IAIS, UP--9/17/13

CN L563 with 5443 readies for departure to Manchester with the freight. The ballast cars on the head-end went to Dubuque for a derailment somewhere on the CN.

CRSA17 guns it uphill at Fairfax.

CRSA17(a.k.a. The Turn) passing the former Walford Lumber Co in Walford, IA.

Ascending the other side of Walford Hill.

Passing thru the countryside of Iowa County, IA.

CRSA Turn approaching MP 17.

CRSA17 passing the ex MILW depot at Amana.

Approaching MP 19.

At MP 19.

CRSA Turn taking the east leg of the Yocum Connection wye to reverse its train into the South Amana Yard. DPU and head-end power got cut off for servicing.

UP 5750 west at Beverly.

The daily M-BOBV(Boone, IA-Beverly, IA) heads into the north-side of Beverly Yard.

A very nice ACe on the point.

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