Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Iowa Northern's switchers coming into the CN Waterloo Yard Limits to pick up 22 cars.

IANR 1502(MP1500)

IANR 2005(MP2000)

CN 5469(SD60) working the yard.

GMTX 2268 bringing a flatcar with a de-axled hopper at Linden.

My third NS heritage unit-NS 8105(Interstate) in the CN Waterloo Yard fuel racks.

Bryant Job bending around the curve near A-Line Iron.

Bryant Job nearing Linden.

Bryant Job at Linden Ave.

Back in Cedar Rapids and the new power, CIC 202 and slug 302 performs duties on Job 6.

Me and my son stopped by the CN at Stickle and L563 has an East Coast visitor in its consist.
CSX 7492.

CN 5534(zebra scheme) pushing back toward "A" yard to tie down for the evening.

The pair tied down next to CN 5377(SD40-2), the North American Map unit.

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