Monday, August 18, 2014

513, NS & Nahant

CBBI-17 with IAIS 513(Rock Island heritage) on the point-Iowa City.

513 at West Liberty. Video below at the depot.

Passing 44th Street in Rock Island.

Passing the Williams White Metal Shop in Moline.

Coming in to Silvis at the west end of the yard.

Highlight video of the chase of the 513 from Iowa City to Silvis.

A C40-8 NS 8743 that is in need of a paintjob sitting on the west end of Silvis Yard.

C40-9W NS 9955 and a UP SD70M sit in #2 track waiting on its next assignment-presumbably west to Cedar Rapids?

Took a ride to Nahant Yard and this GP38-2 was sitting by its lonesome.

SOO switcher 1532 sits idling in the summer heat. Only a handful of locomotives that still carry this paint scheme.

A trio of workhorses sit in the fuel track at Nahant.

Close up shot of SOO 4416.

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