Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nice day for nice catches.

Daily train M-BVBO departs Beverly for Boone.

A IC&E-owned hopper still wears its original livery on the M-BVBO.

Eastbound empty autorack train coming in to Beverly.....

.....with a Canadian visitor in tow.

 Eastbound "bird" train......

......meets Job 53 at Beverly.

Job 53 with a nicely repainted GP15-1.

Trio of elephant-style units going light westbound at Beverly.

CRANDIC's new 1500XD 201....

......and slugmate 301

.......shove ADM hoppers and tanks into track "P-9" in Zone 6.

Power leaving light and heading to the 900 yard.

CIC 201

CN 8938 north departs with L563.

CN 8938 at Hiawatha, IA.

CN 8938 at Robins, IA.

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