Monday, October 21, 2013

Father/Son Day--10/21/2013

My set--
Maple trees in color on Crandall Dr NE.

Wild Turkeys along 18th Street SW.

CN 8938 south with 13 cars-Hiawatha.

CN 8938 south at I Ave NE.

Crossing track panels for Old Bridge Rd.

The one I nearly let get by--UP 7242 east

......and the DPU.

UP 7452 west with filled auto's.

On the way to pick up Bekah from school, a lone Maple tree in red.

More Fall Colors along 10th Street in Marion.

My son's set--
Wild Turkeys

Crossing signal

Hi-Rail truck

Hi-rail truck

The track on the left is 115# which was fused into the 90# rail at Hiawatha. 
CN 8938 working the yard.

Crossing panels at 26th Street SW.

My son's video of the two UP trains at MP 86.

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