Tuesday, October 29, 2013

IAIS, UP, CN-10/29/13

Cedar Rapids "turn", led by ES44AC 507, 500 with 502 on the rear, ascends the east wye at Yocum Connection.

With headroom to Homestead, the "turn" slowly passes thru Homestead.

A quartet of power sit in the "house" track.
Left to right--SD38-2 150, GP38-2 705, 708, SD38-2 156. 

IAIS 156 

IAIS 708--Unit would be used for the South Amana Switcher(South Amana-Wilton)

UP 4401 east with an empty rack train. The train would come to a stop for a brief moment due to an "Approach Medium" indication at CPA 090.

Eastbound rack train resumes travel, coming into Beverly, heading to Clinton.

CN 8938(SD70M-2) and 32 cars northbound at McLoud Place.

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