Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On the way home....

A family that are Wildcat Fans; seen at the RediMart in Harrodsburg.

Along I-65 in Southern Indiana, a lot of Autumn colors. 

A DIRECTV blimp flying west, south of Indianapolis, IN

There was a gang of pigeons just "lighting" themselves on this lightpost in Southport, IN(suburb of Indianapolis).

Took a detour and headed to Rochelle, IL for a few hours.

Westbound BNSF Z train at NX Crossing(UP).

Westbound BNSF merchandise train at NX Crossing 

Another westbound intermodal at NX Crossing.

Brand new GEVO on the point of the Z train at NX Crossing. 

A pair of GEVO's lead a Q train on the Geneva Sub....

.....with a horsehead trailing. 

Eastbound Q train with an ACe.

Another Q train westbound at NX Crossing.

A stack train at NX Crossing

This westbound stack train took to G3 for some work at sunset.

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