Monday, October 15, 2012

NS Central Division Louisville & Cincinnati Mainlines

Cargill train, NS 46A, south of SJ Tower.

NS 22A @ Salvisa, splitting the searchlight signals.

NS 376, slowing down to take the siding at West Talmage.

Hour later, NS 285 also takes the siding after NS 376 slowly makes his way to the east-end of Talmage.....

as both trains waited on 25N to pass westbound at West Talmage.

NS 376 at Bellows Mill.

NS 117 at N. Wye

NS 276 with only 13 empty racks at N. Wye.

After NS 376, NS 142 gets its turn in the northbound parade at N. Wye. You can barely see back toward SJ Tower, the NS 285 who just "burned" the rails coming off of the Louisville Main heading for Danville.

Then NS 143 heads south after a fuel stop and waiting on NS 376--at N. Wye.

NS 116 @ N. Wye

NS 174 @ N. Wye 

After 285 cleared the main, NS 224 got his turn to head west on the LS, west of South Wye.

Final pic was this surprise loco of one of the last unpainted Conrail units(minus the "heritage") left on the roster.

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