Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UP, IAIS--11/13/13

UP 4085 west-autoracks-Fairfax

Roster shots--
Iowa Interstate ES44AC 507

Iowa Interstate ES44AC 504

Iowa Interstate SD38-2 154

Iowa Interstate SD38-2 153

UP 7607 east-Eastbound "Bird"-Beverly

Iowa Interstate's CRSA13 passing Fairfax with 34 cars and two SD38-2's D.I.T.

CRSA13 at Walford, IA

CRSA13 at the bottom of Walford Hill.

CRSA13 at MP 19.

CRSA13 meeting South Amana Switcher at Yocum Connection.

CRSA had some trouble getting started up the grade due to the heavy 4500 tons it was towing, had to restart the two DIT SD38-2's to make it up the wye.

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