Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas morning at the Homestead, 2012

Sassy trying to get in trouble.

Bekah's new knee-high "Animal" socks. Like Dad, like Daughter(Animal Muppet lovers).

Isaac and the Angry Birds. 

Mama's new Waffle Maker. 

Makeup for Bekah.

Even Sassy gets a present; Rawhide in the shape of a Candy Cane. 

Air Hogs. 

Just Dance for the Wii and an iTunes Gift Card. 

Grandma Jan got a new Bible; The Voice.

Dad gets new shirts.

Isaac's new Kindle. 

More clothes for Bekah. 

Mama's new Oster MyBlend......

with a MyBlend glass for me to use too.

Bekah looking at a card.

Sweatshirt with a Wisconsin Badger embroidered in.

Did I mention it is a "White" Christmas?

Merry Christmas!!!

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