Sunday, August 2, 2009

Railroad Photography

A compilation of railroad photos taken around
Eastern Iowa and ON LOCATION sites;
from "eastern iowa railpics".

NEW!!! July 2009: Iowa Interstate coal train, PE-CR, wedges
thru a cut @ MP14 on the CRANDIC Amana line.

NEW!!! July 2009: Union Pacifc eastbound Z-Train, a.k.a. "The Bird"
in the midst of a field of corn near Bertram, IA.

NEW!!! July 2009: Wisconsin & Southern GP38 3801 @ Pleasant Springs, WI

NEW!!! July 2009: WSOR SD40-2 4053 @ Stoughton, WI

NEW!!! July 2009: WSOR MP15AC 1503 @ Stoughton, WI

5/29/2009: Iowa Northern's ex GTW "transfer" caboose sitting in
the CRANDIC's Wilson Yard, waiting for pick-up to take back
to Waterloo with 40 plus cars.

5/29/2009: UP's Z Train, "The Bird", zips across the Cedar River Bridge.

5/29/2009: UPY 659(Job 52) waits to get clearance to head
to Wilson Yard to exchange cars with the CRANDIC; seen here
near MP 86 on the Clinton Sub.

5/29/2009: CIC 121, slug 125(Job 2) eases around the "S" curve southward
taking some Iowa Interstate hoppers to the 900 yard.
5/29/2009: CN 5268(SD40-2W) with 17 cars, passes under the 32nd Street NE

May 2009: Eastbound stack train coming into Beverly Yard while
a merchandise train works the southside of the yard.

April 2009: Iowa Interstate's PECR heads down the other side
of Walford Hill on the way to Cedar Rapids with 120 loaded
coal cars. 1 of 7

Iowa Interstate PECR with ES44AC 502 on the lead;
passing MP 12(Walford, IA) on the Amana Main. 2 of 7

Iowa Interstate PECR passing thru Walford, IA. 3 of 7

PECR passing by Fairfax, IA. 4 of 7

PECR coming into Cedar Rapids. 5 of 7

Nice view of Iowa Interstate's PECR coal train. 6 of 7

ES44AC 510 bringing up the rear. Coal cars reporting marks
are NOKL. 7 of 7

February 2009: Iowa Interstate's ICCR with IAIS ES44AC 500
on the lead-Tipple Creek.
February 2009: IAIS ES44AC 503 leading CRIC back to Iowa City;
seen here south of Fairfax, IA.

April 2009: GTW 5859(CN)-Cedar Rapids, IA

January 2009: Depot--Ft Madison, IA

January 2009: ATSF 4-8-4 2913-Ft. Madison, IA

January 2009: Union Pacific ES44AC-Mechanicsville, IA
January 2009: UPY 657-Cedar Rapids, IA

January 2009: CRANDIC MP15DC 121-Cedar Rapids, IA

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