Saturday, December 18, 2021

The Best of 2021

 The Best of 2021–

1)New Year, New Catches-

2)Iowa Interstate plus KCSM 4009 South & 575’s DPU

3)A train of Shiny AC44CWM’s-

4)CP Rail Iowa-

5)IAIS 6988 Stretching Its “Legs”-

6)Train, Train-

7)CP 6644 Marching On-

8)IC 1007 at Galena Depot-

9)Building America on City Streets-

10)Long Ways from home-

11)Oxford Fire Department Excursions-

12)Wilton Fire Department Excursions-

13)GT Noodle-


15)The Red, White and Blue of our Veterans-

16)CP 6644-

17)GECX’s on U705-

18)CP In Iowa-680, B39, 813, 375, 475-

19)KCS Power rules on the CP-

20)CP’s “Voodoo Child”-

21)U705 with GE Blue Whales plus BC RAIL heritage unit-

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