Friday, December 30, 2016

Great River Birds and a couple locos.

Set from Pleasant Valley, IA at Lock and Dam 14.

Few Pelicans and ducks hanging around the Lock.

Took a break to see what was hanging around Nahant Yard on the Canadian Pacific. This was in between some cars.

Old switcher at one of the feed mill facilities south of Davenport has seen better days.

After a quick trip to Rock Island to see about any more eagles and catch the BNSF Barstow Job, headed back out and seen these two next to the I-280 bridge over the Mississippi. Hard to take a decent shot when the bridge is a bit bouncy.

Visited Credit Island and got a good shot, thus this was the only good shot.

Back to Lock and Dam 14 for more. 7 more Bald Eagles and two young ones.

Time for a close up.

REAL Close up, thanks to my new camera.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. See ya in 2017!!!

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