Monday, April 14, 2014

Variety of Railroads

Kick it off with the CN....or is it NS?

NS 8714 shoving back toward Cargill with some tanks. The old steam plant still stands....for now.

Little bit later, Iowa Northern's South Job rolls into town.

A former C&NW hopper with IANR marks.

GTW(CN) 6425 on L563.

IANR South Job heads to ADM with its cargo of grain, passing 4th Ave SW.

South Job stopped by Ingleside waiting to double up its cargo in the "OR" Yard.

CIC Job 3 pulling 46 coal fills to ADM's CO-GEN

Then the Iowa Interstate's CRSA gets cars from 905, runs down to the south-end of the 950's and couples to the rest of its freight waiting on 952.

Then CIC Job 4 starts working the 900 yard.

Iowa Interstate's CRSA-14 departs with 71 loads-1 empty with 509, 512 and GP38-2 705 was dead-in-tow; passing Fairfax.

Video of the CRSA-14 at Fairfax.

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