Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013

Nature--Purple Tulips in bloom in our front yard.

RxR--CN 5436(ex Oakway) in downtown Cedar Rapids on L563.

RxR--CRANDIC's Job 4 rolling thru the CN Yard while L563 waits.

RxR--Profile shot of CN 5436(ex Oakway)

RxR--CRANDIC's Job 4 at the Watertower Condos.

RxR--UP 6458 west at Indian Creek.

Nature--Goldenrods out near Indian Creek Nature Center.

 Places--Remnants of a trestle from the Milwaukee RR on E. Bertram Rd.

Nature--Fish in shallow waters at Cedar Lake.

 Nature--Family of Geese at Cedar Lake.

Nature--Lonesome Pelican at Cedar Lake.


 Nature--Another view of the Pelican.

 Places--Air Ambulance on a call from St. Luke's flying over Cedar Lake.

Nature--Pelicans on the sandbar in the middle of the south section of Cedar Lake.

 RxR--CN 5436 continues to work downtown.

RxR--Iowa Interstate's X-SACR passing Wright Bros Blvd enroute to pick up coal empties.

Nature--Red-winged Blackbird.

Nature--A ring around the sun reflected from the thin high clouds.

RxR--Iowa Interstate's X-CRSA bringing up 95 empty NS coal hoppers from the interchange yard of the CRANDIC thru Fairfax.

RxR--XCRSA by Milepost 9.

RxR--One of the NS coal hoppers.

RxR--XCRSA at Wright Bros Blvd.

RxR--A late daily Z-train, the "Bird" at Fairfax on the UP Clinton Sub.

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