Sunday, November 14, 2010

from "eastern iowa railpics"--Oct 20 to Nov 10, 2010

10/20--UP 3836 east-UPS pig train[a.k.a. The Bird]

10/20--UP 6898 crossing over from 1 to 2 at CPA086
with a loaded coal train.

10/27--CN L563 with 5273 & EJE 664 coming into 
town along I-380 with 57 cars.

11/3--Amtrak #6 detoured over the UP for a couple day
due to bridge work in Burlington, IA on the BNSF
Ottumwa Sub. Here UP 8532 pulls #6 thru Fairfax
at 70MPH.

11/3--A pair of GP9's are the power for CIC's Job 5;
working on pulling hoppers to ADM's "Dry Grind"

11/3--CIC Job 5 shoving the hoppers into "Dry Grind".

11/3--EJE 664 takes the lead on CN L563 north
with 29 cars bound for Manchester.

11/3--A view of the train passing by McCloud Place NE.

11/10--Iowa Interstate's CRIC10 with 502, 500 on
the head-end and 508 pushing on the rear; passing
Amana with 100 cars.

11/10--CRIC10 passing MP 19.

11/10--CRIC10 nearing the top of the east wye @ Yocum.

11/10--CRIC10 passing thru Homestead and the
local feed mill.

11/10--CRIC10 nearing some ex-RI block signals
at Eagle.

11/10--CRIC10 passing the Hawkeye Express parked
in the Vernon siding. The Express is owned by the Iowa
Northern Rwy.

11/10--A UP eastbound merchandise train's DPU(left)
passes a westbound UP empty coal train east of 
Stanwood, IA.

11/10--An eastbound coal train gets his green light
after meeting one each way at Stanwood, IA

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