Monday, September 6, 2010

from "eastern iowa railpics"--Iowa Northern

Iowa Northern--8/25/10

The Iowa Northern's "South Job" crosses the Cedar River
(Penford) bridge with its corn train.
Along for the ride are the two new slugs purchased.
IANR 3956[mother unit is 4002].....
....and 3955[mother unit is 4001(left)]

The "South Job" entering the North Yard yard limits
at Quaker Oats.
The basic use for a "slug" is to provide the "mother" locomotive
traction which cuts fuel costs.

Iowa Northern's "Hawkeye Express"--8/29/10

The Iowa Northern sent down the "Hawkeye Express"
for its trip to prepare for the upcoming Iowa Hawkeyes
football season in Coralville. Here, the Express is tied down
for the night near the Eastern Iowa Airport south of
Cedar Rapids on the CIC Iowa City Main.

The train made the trip down Subdivision 3B(Amana Main)
on August 30th along with the IAIS Business cars.

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