Sunday, December 13, 2009

November 9-December 13, 2009

11/9/09: New warning signs installed on
I-380 in Cedar Rapids.

11/10/09: The last quarter moon next to a 
communications tower near my home.

11/10/09: An eastbound UP coal train at Bertram, IA.

11/11/09: A CRANDIC crew pulling cars out of the
"N" track lead to the 900's.

11/11/09: IC 9574 north @ McCloud Place.

11/18/09: CRANDIC's Job 2 pulling 65 loaded
coal cars along the newly-finished "P" main.

11/22/09: Our Christmas tree
silouhetted in the hardwood floor.

11/23/09: GTW 4904 sits in the "A" yard with
Quaker Oats in the background.

11/23/09: UP 8071 east @ MP 86.

12/2/09: A CRANDIC crew pulls alcohol from

12/5/09: Couple bellringers in front of the local Walmart
in Marion, IA.

12/2/09: Spellcheck anyone?

12/7/09: The kids making Christmas cookies.

12/7/09: IC 9574, longhood, northbound @ Robins, IA
after the first light snowfall.

12/7/09: Job 2 pulling over 40 coal cars to "Co-Gen"

12/7/09: got Concrete?

12/13/09: A picture-perfect shot of Prairie Creek in
SW Cedar Rapids.

More next month.

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